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Be a Good Investor and Learn These Smart Ways to Invest £100k

Friday 22 February 2019 at 11:04 am.

Are you looking for the right investment methods to dive in? With so many investments approached in the market, picking the best is somewhat difficult. Now, if you have your retirement pay or inherited around £100k, check these smart ways to invest your £100k.

Invest £100k and Earn Huge ROI

Not all people have a chance of owning a £100k it is indeed huge cash that can help you and your family to earn or save for the future thus, probably, your first option is to keep it in your bank but then again thinking twice considering with that little interest you've earned. Why keeping it in the bank when you have another option? People wanted secured savings and of course a solid return of investment through the following form. Know more about Invest £100k on templar-eis.com/the-best-way-to-invest-100k/.

Stock Market

Invest £100k and try your luck in the stock market that offers some the great diversification for your portfolio. Investing in stocks have been proven that renders the best ROI (return of investment) close to 12 percent per year. The market has been soaring high enough to expect more than 12 percent this year thus use your £100k to buy stocks. You can invest in different stocks but make sure that you know all the companies that you are about to buy shares, know the risk factors before you decide. There are many tutorials online or you can read a book that guides you into the right approach.

Mutual funds and ETFs

Investing with ETF is like buying a stock which typically follows an index. You can buy shares of a company that you're particular with and go broadly or narrow as you want. While mutual funds are also great options for you can get instant diversification thought meticulously monitored. The two have different advantages and disadvantages thus you need to learn a lot prior on investing to minimize the risk.

Real Estate

Investing your 100k in real estate is another great option as you can choose between the traditional real estate, REITs, and crowd funding real estate investment that gives you real profit.

You can invest in any investment scheme around but the best thing to do is learn the process before you start dealing with it. Good luck!